Mission & Values

Leading every generation to the life-changing hope of Jesus

Our Mission

First Southern exists to lead people of every generation to the life-changing hope of Jesus.

First Southern has seen many changes during the past 50 years, including changes in leadership and staff, membership, activities, and physical buildings. However, one thing that has stood the test of time during the 50 years is the church’s belief in God and love for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The church family continues to be faithful in striving to live the Christian life and passing that faith to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers. The vision of leading souls to Christ continues to be the foundation for First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale.

Our Values

God’s Truth is the foundation to knowing, loving, and understanding Him.

Growth means change, and following God is moving where He takes us both personally and as a church.

Hope is proclaimed when we are in relationship with God, the church family, and our community.

We are committed to selflessly serving God and others in the church, community, and world.