The Church, Part 24 – Acts 19
Chad Murrell   -  

Faith Always Leads to Life-Change

Acts 19


1. What stood out to you in the message?

2. What experiences have you had with religious counterfeits?

3. How have you experienced a change in affections and desires through knowing Jesus? What did change and has changed in you?

4. Look at Acts 19:8-9 and 19:13-15. What differences do you see in the ways that these two groups of Jews viewed Jesus?

5. What can we learn from the new believers burning their valuable books out of their life-change in Jesus?

6. How do people try to use Jesus for their own purposes today? What is the difference between that and true faith in Jesus?

7. What do you need to “burn” in order to live for Jesus? What will it “cost” you?


Scripture Passages: Luke 22-24, John 1-2