The Church, Part 18 – Acts 13:4-12
Chad Murrell   -  

Spread It & Leave the Rest to Him

Acts 13:4-12


1. What stood out to you in the message?

2. What were you called as a child? Did you ever wish you had a different name? Why?

3. With what types of people are you most comfortable talking about Jesus? Why?

4. Pastor Chad spoke about how we are not responsible for how someone reacts to your telling them the Gospel or inviting to church, but it is God’s responsibility. Our only concern is that we are spreading the Gospel. How do you feel about that? Does it give you reassurance in your calling from Jesus? Why?

5. Have you ever been a part of someone coming to believe in Jesus as their Savior? Tell your group about it. If not, why do you think you have never experienced it?

6. Have you ever experienced opposition to sharing the Gospel? Tell you group about it. Have you considered how you would respond to opposition to sharing the Gospel with someone? What would you do?

7. Tell your group about someone that you feel God is leading you to invite to church or tell about Jesus. Have your group pray for you to have opportunities and courage to follow His leading in this.


Scripture Passages: Matthew 11-20