The Church, Part 16 – Acts 12
Chad Murrell   -  

Who can you trust?

Acts 12 Questions:

1. What stood out to you in the message?

2. Put yourself in Peter’s shoes for a moment. How would you felt if an angel broke you out of jail? What would you have been thinking as it happened? What would you have been thinking after?

3. Why should we expect opposition and persecution when telling others about Jesus? How does this opposition and persecution advance the good news of Jesus in the world?

4. How does the account in Acts 12 demonstrate God’s sovereignty? How does it give you confidence when you face opposition and persecution?

5. What role does prayer play in this account from the early church? What does it tell you about the importance of prayer in your own life?

6. Pastor Chad spoke about trusting God with every aspect of your life. What aspect of your life do you struggle to trust God in or with? Why? What can you do to correct that and trust Him more?

Scripture Passages: Revelation 18-22