The Church, Part 14 – Acts 10:1-43
Chad Murrell   -  

Everyone, Everywhere Needs Jesus

Acts 10:1-43

1. What stood out to you in the message?
2. Did you grow up in a childhood with a diversity of people around you, or were most of the people in your life like you and your family? Explain. How has this affected how you view the people in the world around you?
3. Why is the conversion of Cornelius and Jesus’ calling of Peter so vital to our salvation today? Explain.
4. What principles or beliefs do you hold that limit your ability or willingness to reach out to people who are “different” from you? What would it take to move beyond these limits?
5. What new(er) relationships has Jesus placed in your life recently? How have you influenced each other? What is Jesus’ call in these relationships? How do/can you accomplish that calling?
6. Pray for opportunities to welcome outsiders into the life-changing hope of Jesus.Scripture Passages:
Revelation 3-12