The Church, Part 12 – Acts 8:26-40
Chad Murrell   -  

Can you tell someone about Jesus?
1. What stood out to you in the message?
2. Have you ever needed someone to explain a concept or teaching that you struggled to understand? Tell your group about it. How did that person help you understand it?
3. How does this story highlight God’s passion for the nations? Explain.
4. What does this account teach us about the need to understand and to explain the Bible to others? Pastor Chad said that we all should know the overall story of God’s Word so that we can explain it to someone. Could you do that in less than two minutes? Explain it to your group or to yourself. How can you be better prepared to tell this story? (Please look for the email that we will send out this week that contains resources for understanding the overall story of God’s Word, or go to
5. Who has God been preparing for you to talk to about Jesus? Pray for them now.
6. Pastor Chad mentioned that you should be prepared to tell others about how Jesus has changed your life. Have you ever thought about your “testimony” (aka the story of what God has done to lead you to follow Him and worked through your life since that point)? Take a few minutes and write out your life story with God. How can you condense this into a two minute or less “testimony” that you could tell to someone?
7. God prepares the way for us to tell others about Jesus. How does this fact free you from fears when telling others about Jesus? How do you need to trust Him more in this?

Scripture Passages:
James 4-5, 1 Peter 1-5, 2 Peter 1-3