The Christmas Connection, Part 1 – Luke 1:5-17
Chad Murrell   -  

Does Jesus connect to us in Prayer? Luke 1:5-17



1. What stood out to you in the message?

2. What is the wildest or greatest surprise that you or your family has experienced? Explain.

3. What does that miraculous pregnancy of Elizabeth tell us about the power of God? What does it tell us about how God works in us for His purposes?

4. Zechariah doubted the words of Gabriel the angel (Luke 1:18-25). Tell about a time when you doubted a promise that God gives. How did you overcome your doubt in His Word? What has helped you in your battle against unbelief?

5. How would the birth of this son affect Zechariah and Elizabeth? Describe John’s mission in your own words. Why is this mission significant?

6. How is John’s mission a model for the mission that Jesus has for your life? How might you “prepare” people for the Lord? Scripture Passages: Matthew 1-3