Is Jesus God?
Chad Murrell   -  


1. What stood out to you in the message?

2. What kind of religious symbols or decorations do you have around your house? Why do you have them and what do they mean to you?

3. Have someone slowly read Revelation 1:12-16. Maybe close your eyes while this passage is read. What do you see? Feel? What do these images suggest about Jesus?

4. Pastor Chad spoke about how Revelation 1 shows us Jesus’ deity and sovereignty. How does the imagery in Revelation 1 show us this? How does this imagery give you hope in your life and for the future?

5. The church is symbolized by lampstands (verses 12, 13, 20). What does it mean for a church to be a light?

6. Using the illustration of a lighting fixture, describe the spiritual condition of your church. Is your church a streetlight, a chandelier, a nightlight? What would help create more illumination?

Scripture Passages: Matthew 16-20