Discernment is knowing the difference between right and almost right
Chad Murrell   -  

1. What stood out to you in the message?
2. How do you stay informed on current events? What is are the advantages and disadvantages of this way of staying informed?
3. What does John say in 1 John 4:1? Now read 1 John 2:15-29. What else has he said about false prophets and false teachers?
4. In 1 John 2:15-29, John warns against loving the world. How can your love for the world or love of yourself (pride and selfishness) lead you into false beliefs?
5. In what ways does your love for the world compete with your love for God: In your use of money? Use of your time? Your priorities, passions, and ambitions? Your approach to your relationships?
6. Pastor Chad warned about how some false teachings can sound really Christian, thus the need for discernment. What criteria can you use to distinguish between: (a) new insights into Christian truths that the Holy Spirit brings through Godly teachers, and (b) new teachings that are false and undermine the truth of Jesus? In other words, how can you know the difference?

Scripture Passages:
Hebrews 12-13, James 1-3