Core Values Part 4 Joining Jesus in His Mission

1. What stood out to you in the message?
2. How did the reality of Jesus’ resurrection become real to you?  Were you more of a quick believer or a slow doubter?  Why?
3. What do you believe more:  What you see?  What you hear?  What you want?  Now, what do others see in you?  Hear from you?  Want from you?  How are these your witness to them for Jesus?
4. In Matthew 28:19, Jesus tells His Disciples to “make disciples of all nations…”  What would you be thinking if you were standing and hearing Jesus say this?  What feelings would you feel if you were present in this moment?  Why?
5. How are you to “make disciples”?  Of whom?  With what resources?  For what purpose?  With what strategy?  In what ways can you fulfill the Great Commission in your family?  Your work/school?  Your community?
6. Dennis spoke about a purpose, place, and process for living a lifestyle of sharing our faith. What is your purpose, place, and process? Describe it.

Scripture Passages:
1 Thessalonians 4-5, 2 Thessalonians 1-3