What We Believe

Our Core

Truth: we seek across-the-board integration of historic and classic Christian teaching into groups, lives, and activities.
  • The Bible is true, exciting, and meaningful for daily living
  • God as Father, Son, and Spirit in one essence is perfect love
  • Jesus is the eternal Son come in human flesh and personality
  • Salvation is eternal through personal commitment to Jesus as Lord, available because of His death, burial, and resurrection
  • Baptism is a beautiful symbol of faith and expression of obedience
  • Communion is a humbling portrayal of the believers’ unity with Christ’s Passion and spiritual body
  • Church is the body of local and/or universal believers through which Christ reveals His own love and care to the world
  • Kingdom is temporarily in the hearts of and revealed through believers, ultimately outward, eternal, and heavenly after Christ’s Second Coming
  • Heaven and Hell are the two everlasting destinies for those in Christ and outside of Him, respectively
Click HERE to read the full Baptist Faith and Message.

Our Purpose

Becoming passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Achieving this purpose involves participating in an Acts 2 People Movement Model.

Genuine worship (“Magnifying God”) happens through personal fellowship with God and his people (“Making Connections”), serious discipleship (“Maturing Believers”), authentic service (“Ministering to Others”) and lifestyle evangelism (“Multiplying our Faith”).


Our Philosophy

The one true God is knowable through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Worship is to be prayerful, celebrative, and centered on scriptural truths. Worship also includes giving oneself away meeting the needs of others in order to expand the Kingdom.