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FSBCS South Africa Mission Team #8 - 2018

Team 8 includes (L to R): Seated – Edith Lyle, Wanda Bagwell, Mona McDonald, Beth Shook ; Standing – Steve Shook, Steve Waller, Joy Waller, Tracy Newcomb, Mitch McDonald, Kathy Matney, Bill Bagwell, Keith Matney (click photo for larger view)

Our EIGHTH South Africa Mission Team HAS RETURNED from being on mission in Pretoria, South Africa working alongside Hope Baptist Church for another great missions experience – they were in South Africa from September 25th – October 3rd, 2018.  

Review the blog that was maintained throughout the trip to learn all about their experiences.

Please pray for God’s continued guidance and protection for those that they encountered and served while they were in Africa!






The team gathers in the Phoenix airport before their departure on Thursday, Sept. 21st.

Our SEVENTH South Africa Mission Team has now returned from their trip to Pretoria, South Africa to work alongside Hope Baptist Church for another great missions experience.  See the blog that was maintained throughout the trip to learn all about their experiences.





Our SIXTH South Africa Mission Team HAS RETURNED from their trip to Pretoria, South Africa to work alongside Hope Baptist Church for another great missions experience.  Review the blog that was maintained throughout the trip to learn all about what they experienced.


The 2016 FSBCS South Africa Mission team includes (L to R) Pastor Keith Matney, Mona McDonald, Devona Haws, Doug Haws & Jamie Mitchell



Click to enlarge this poster about the conference our team will be helping make happen for the people of Pretoria as a part of this trip.

The purpose for sending our sixth team to Pretoria, South Africa is threefold.  They will assist Hope Baptist Church in hosting a “Christian Community Development Conference” with church and civic leaders as its target group.  Team members will teach such subjects as, “Leadership and Financial Integrity,” “The Power of Worship In Community Revival” and “Caring for Children in the Community” along with several others.

In addition to the conference, the team members will be assisting with an eyeglasses/sunglasses distribution campaign which will allow the opportunity to share the gospel with several hundred individuals.  The third emphasis will be simply to encourage and minister to Pastor Julius and his wife, Cintia.

This trip, for the first time, our five team members from FSBCS will be joined by two men from Pecos Valley Baptist Association in New Mexico. Fred MacDonald is the Director of Missions for the association and Ken Engledon is the senior pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church in Carlsbad, NM.

Click the banner below to view the blog that will be updated (Lord willing and the technology cooperates) throughout the trip from Sept. 29th – October 9th.

Please be in prayer for this team and the great work they will do in South Africa, representing Jesus and telling of His amazing grace and representing FSBCS!





Our FIFTH South Africa Mission Team HAS RETURNED from their amazing trip to Pretoria from October 21st through October 31st, 2015!


The 2015 FSBCS South Africa Mission team includes (L to R) Mel Anderson, Ken Desmarchais, Nicki McKee, Nancy Harris, Ron Goodnight, John Herr, Alan Pokorski & Pastor Keith Matney


Click to enlarge this poster - promotional poster for the "Team USA" visit to Pretoria

Click to enlarge this promotional poster for the “Team USA” visit to Pretoria

On this trip, they will again be taking almost two thousand pairs of sunglasses and reading glasses that YOU DONATED to distribute to residents of the City of Pretoria while they tell them about the saving grace of Jesus!  Also, some of our team members will help Hope Baptist in leading Budget Training and Christian Business Classes in the evenings.

As in years past, your FSBCS Mission team will maintain a BLOG that you can follow while they’re on their exciting trip!  Click HERE to read the exciting blog posts updated live while the team is in Africa!




Read the history of our South Africa Mission Project and the birth of Hope Baptist Church in Pretoria below.


FEBRUARY 2014 Mission Team/Trip Info:



Our fourth South Africa Mission Team HAS NOW RETURNED safely from their trip to Pretoria from February 21st through March 5th.

If you were at church on Sunday, 1/26 or attended the “Hoedown for Hope” on 1/25, then you’ve met Julius and Cintia Mbu.  Julius is the founding pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Sunnyside, Pretoria, South Africa.

Here in this photo, you see the FSBCS team that will be heading to South Africa on February 21st (thru March 5th).  Left to Right in the photo – Antoine Anderson, Melanie Anderson, Kevin Horton, Katie Miller, Mona McDonald, Mitch McDonald & Keith Matney.  This team has been meeting and preparing and praying for several weeks in preparation for the upcoming trip, as they seek God’s guidance and blessing as they desire to serve God and the leadership of Hope Baptist Church in Pretoria.

As you know, we (the FSBCS congregation) have been gathering glasses, glasses and more glasses to benefit South Africa and this team will help with the distribution of over ONE THOUSAND pairs of glasses and sunglasses as they work to spread the good news of the gospel and invite recipients to services at Hope Baptist Church.  The focus for this team will be one-on-one evangelism with the community of Sunnyside, Pretoria including the nearby university campuses.  In conjunction with pastor Julius, they hope to be the Lord’s hands in helping to expand the ministry of Hope Baptist.

Please join us in prayer as the team prepares for this important trip — for HEALTH of the travelers, for LOGISTICS and good airport weather, for thorough PREPARATION by the team and for the HEARTS of those that they will encounter and interact with on this trip.  Follow the team’s journey on the travel BLOG




Our third South Africa Mission Team has returned from being “on mission” October 22-31, participating in training events for Hope Baptist Church in Pretoria!

(L to R) John Herr, Trish Herr, Mitch McDonald, Wanda Bagwell, Bill Bagwell and Meredith Bagwell

South Africa Mission Trip BLOG

Following is the flyer that was distributed all over that city!

FOLLOWING is the history of the previous two South Africa teams and updates from Hope Baptist Church in Pretoria, South Africa.

February 2012 Update:

Another volunteer mission team went to South Africa January 30 through February 8, 2012 to assist in starting the new church and ministry in Pretoria!

South Africa Mission Team 2012

Selected team members include (L to R):  Dee Thweatt, Kim Desmarchais, Clyde Taylor, Brenda Zeigler, Mona McDonald [Team Leader], Steve Zeigler, John Herr, Todd Miller.

The trip cost was about $24,000, and the team members gave over one-third of this amount. We all can have a part in this great accomplishment; our church is receiving an offering to help provide the remainder! If need be, some can come from the the remaining funds of the original gift, but we want to preserve as much of those funds for other possible provisions for the new church and ministry.

Please pray for the whole project, and the offering.



History . . .

In 2010, one of our members donated over $40,000 to be used in a mission project on the continent of Africa.  After speaking with Clifford Vick, our Southern Baptist missionary in Pretoria (note the map), Associate Pastor Keith Matney enlisted a South Africa Mission Team (Associate Pastor Matney, Mona McDonald, Wanda Bagwell and Dave Barber — L to R in photo below ) to visit and prayer-walk in Pretoria with missionary Vick, and in February 2011 they made that trip!


Once in Pretoria, the team met Pastor Julius Mbu and his wife Cintia. Julius was a spiritual and intellectual candidate for pastoring a new
congregation.  Upon the team’s return to FSBCS, our congregation voted to provide another $63,000 for the project, which would cover three years of compensation for Pastor Julius as he built the congregation and opened an inner city ministry in Pretoria, a city on its way to becoming one of the cosmopolitan centers of that part of the world. Three individuals immediately donated this money for pastoral support!  And so God’s work continues today…

South Africa Mission Trip BLOG