Campus Security



Our congregation employs a trained and professional security team to patrol the parking lot in vehicles and the campus building areas on foot during all church-wide gatherings, whether Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, seasonal, or special.  These individuals are believers in Jesus Christ themselves and understand the ministry of campus care for all ages.  Other faithful attenders of our congregation are well trained in security, as well.


Our paid security personnel especially watch the areas where preschoolers, children, and teenagers are active, whether inside or outside.  Also, one or more of our full-time ministry staff members are in and out of our four buildings several times during their use for ministry.  Moreover, during Sunday morning Bible Study, all preschool and children classes have volunteers entering the rooms at unannounced intervals; all of these measures are in addition to the two adults always leading each children and preschool class.


Our congregation requires background checks for adults of all ages who work in the age groups from birth through high school, whether as teachers or sponsors, regular or occasional, on campus or on ministry trips.  This includes all our paid staff members interfacing with these ages (from the Lead Pastor across the board).  The goal at FSBCS is to provide every layer of safety possible for all ages as we are “Becoming Passionate Followers of Jesus Christ!