Anxious For Nothing Bible Study

Join Encore (Adults 55+) every Monday beginning October 15th for a study series titled Anxious for Nothing This study runs for SIX WEEKS through November 19th.

The study will be held each Monday in the Fellowship Hall from 10:00 – 11:30AM and will be led by Pastor Keith Matney.

In the words of Pastor Keith:

I have read through the material and worked through the first video session of our study, ‘Anxious For Nothing’ and have found it to be outstanding! Here’s a small snippet of what we’ll be discovering:

It is not God’s will that you lead a life of perpetual anxiety. It is not His will that you face every day with
dread and trepidation. He made you for more than a life of breath-stealing angst and mind-splitting
worry. He has a new chapter for your life. And He is ready to write it.

This is a study written by well-known preacher and author, Max Lucado who will be leading us via video through each session. I will be the facilitator and am looking forward to discovering God’s truths in this area with you.

If anxiety is your constant companion, please make use of this study.

If you have questions or if you’d like to sign up to join in on this study, please make contact via e-mail to Pastor Keith Matney at