Family Celebration Sunday – June 3rd!

Join us once again for our next FAMILY CELEBRATION SUNDAY!

On Sunday, June 3rd, our next Family Celebration Sunday will have the entire church meet together for breakfast at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall, to be served by the FSBCS deacons.  Breakfast is free of charge, although a donation basket will be made available for those that desire to contribute to the cost of the food.

Our normal Sunday School / Bible Study classes will NOT meet on this day, due to the breakfast. 

Both worship services will be combined as we join together in the Worship Center at 10:30 with the sermon being brought by our favorite fill-in, Monty Patton, and will include a baptism service!  Monty’s sermon will be a continuation of his series titled Jesus 360.

Please be sure not to miss our next Family Celebration Sunday!