South African Braai Celebration – Sept. 16th

“In To Africa”, a South African Braai, Saturday, Sept. 16; 5:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.

This very special event is a “dinner theater” celebration featuring:

  • You’ll delight at our attempt at authentic South African cuisine, including boerewors and grilled banana splits.
  • You’ll laugh out loud at First Southern’s rendition of a “Family Feud” game show.  Why Family Feud?  No reason — just for fun!
  • You’ll marvel as a team of male African drummers and dancers perform.  These are the Komezakaranga Drummers. You may remember them from the 2012 Passion Play!
  • You’ll be inspired as our newest mission team speaks of their assignment in South Africa during their trip to Pretoria in late September and how it all fits into what God is doing there.

This is a fundraising event to raise funds for mission expenses for this team. Each team member is paying 100% of their personal costs, but we’re attempting to raise funds for such things as the rental of two vehicles, gasoline, the purchase of 16 Study Bibles for pastor graduates, and extra baggage fees so we can take these Bibles, glasses, and dresses. These costs come to $2500-$3000.

Tickets for this great evening are $15 per person. We’re using round tables which seat 10. If you buy an entire table ($150), you’ll enjoy reserved seating.

Our hope is to sell out for the dinner theater, which will raise $1500 and praying the rest will come through donations.  You can buy tickets on Sundays at the Encore table or come by the church office during the week and ask for Keith.  If you have any questions, contact Pastor Keith Matney at