Community Groups Are Underway – Never Too Late To Join In!

Our new 2017 Community Groups have now launched in 2 or 3 locations in the valley and you’ll want to sign up to be a part of one!

What are community groups?  They are smaller, more focused group gatherings away from the church campus held in host homes.  Initially, our community groups will be on Sunday nights, but as they grow and expand, we may have a group or groups meeting on other nights of the week.

A typical community group will be ‘cross-generational’ and not identified by age, but generally geared towards a minimum high school age through all ages of adults.  A community group gathering will be a time of Fellowship, Sharing & Discussion, and focused Prayer.  The idea is for them not to be a dinner gathering, but will probably include a dessert and beverages.

Child care will be provided as needed at each community group location to be determined once the groups are formed.

So, now that you know it will be awesome, how do you sign up?  On Sunday mornings, look for the Community Group signups either under the Welcome Tent or in the Fellowship Hall (Modern Service) where you’ll be able to choose a community group and sign up.  Or, if you’re not able to make a Sunday morning, or if you have any questions about Community Groups, please contact the church office and we’ll do our best to answer and/or get you all the details you need about the available groups.

We hope you’ll give it a try — we’re sure you will be blessed by and grow from the experience!