Encore Adult 55+ Ministry – Act II Dinner Theatre

February 11, 2017 is a BIG day for Encore as we launch into 2017 with a bang! The “Opening Act” was presented last May as we launched Encore, now we’re set for “Act II”. We’ll enjoy some great music of the 1950’s provided by our unnamed Encore Band as well as some great food. It’s the “Texas Challenge- Round 2” as Keith and Russ again square off to see who’s the best cook. Russ will grill his now award winning chicken breast as Keith stays up through the night, fanning the flames of his smoker to provide the best smoked brisket this side of Texas. You’ll decide who the winner is. And, of course, our emcees- Dana McGehee and Randy Jones will have us in stitches!

We’ll take the opportunity to introduce the Calendar of Events for 2017. We’ll also announce possible destinations for an extended trip — you’ll have the opportunity to vote and determine which trip we’ll pursue. We’ll also be voting on some closer “Day” trips.

All this takes place Saturday, Feb. 11; 5:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. Cost is just $5 for members of FSBCS and it’s free for as many guests as you’d like to bring – so bring ’em!!

If you have any questions about Encore or “Act II,” contact Pastor Keith at keith@fsbcs.org.